5 Things I Anticipate


Colleen Conneran

From lattes to revolutions, many people have offered their thoughts, hesitations and excitement upon the mention of my travels to Ukraine. But few have asked me where I’m at with it all, so here are five things I am looking forward to.

1. Lattes

As cliché as it is, I am a huge latte fan and so it would be silly for me not to mention my excitement for the endless lattes I will be purchasing that will probably put Starbucks to shame in taste and price.

2. Interviewing Displaced People

The people who have seen and lived the unforgettable and being able to really share that with the world is an incredible honor to me. I can’t imagine being forced out of my home and trying to come back and build it all up. It will be an amazing and humbling experience to meet and talk with these people.

3. Random Treasures

Life is more than just road maps and destinations; I’m eager to find and see the             random beauties of this lively city. From cute little cafes to family ran shops, sometimes the treasure isn’t found in the items, but rather the hands offering it to you.

4. Volunteering with Disabled Children

Originally I started as an Education Major (as 80% of students do) because all I knew was that I enjoyed hanging out with children. Specifically, the society-labeled “disabled” children and actively became a part of a club on campus that offered that opportunity. As my major changed, my heart did not and so being able to work with these children will be a heart-warming, sobering, love-filled experience that I am extremely eager for.

5. Sobering up in Poland

Lastly, we will be visiting the Holocaust museum in Warsaw, Poland and although I use the word excitement, I mean with a humbling tone. The reality of the Holocaust is scary, but as the years pass, it’s easy to feel distant from it and have it feel like just another story in a history book. I am so excited for the reality of it all to hit me and sober up my attitude and bring it all alive. After all, many lives were lost and the last things they deserve is to be forgotten.
Being able to visit Ukraine is an exciting opportunity that I am eagerly preparing for. From invaluable life lessons to real-world experiences expanding my perspective, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I praise God for. So Ukraine, get those lattes ready because Lee University is headed your way in three short days!


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