Abby’s Hopes

Abigail Wootton

Never having been out of the country, I cannot wait to get to Ukraine. Before we began class, I was excited to simply see the beauty within the city, but now I cannot wait to meet its inhabitants as well. I have not left the US yet and I already feel touched by the people of Ukraine and their stories, especially those who are displaced. The outing I am most excited for is the trip to the home for disabled girls. I have always had a heart for women’s ministries and cannot wait to bless and be blessed by these girls. Traveling abroad requires having an adventurous heart and an open mind. I consider myself to have both these things, but am sure they will be stretched even farther during my time in Ukraine. I hope to try all the food I come across, connect with all the people I encounter, and create lasting friendships with the other students on the trip.


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