It’s Never As It Seems…


Colleen Conneran

There is only so much we can do as Americans, yet there is also only so much that we hear about. Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with two students about Ukraine and its culture. Things got interesting when we started talking about revolutions in Ukraine. They spoke about how there is so much that goes on that nobody talks about. For example, there was a huge, important meeting that happened Friday morning where some were protesting at, but the stories we hear are limited. Protests, revolutions, and displacement are constant struggles that happen constantly here. It was hard for me to hear that because the reality of it is so true.

Corruption is constant in Ukraine’s media, but sometimes our media does not share everything. There was a large amount of people displaced, but the thing is that people are still being displaced and many are still struggling with displacement. From jobs, to food, to acceptance, many families cannot find any of it as they try to revamp their life and make do. But once a new story hit, Ukraine was marked as dangerous and forgotten shortly after in the news media.


Valentine and Max, the two I was talking to, explained that although it’s good we have heard about Euro-Maidan, displaced people, and such, there is so much more that goes on as well that we don’t hear about. It’s constant in Ukraine’s towns and cities.

We’ve all been enjoying our time greatly while here, and speaking with these men has been one of my favorite memories this far. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you all as we continue to develop our interviews.

Thank you for the continued support!



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