Kiev From My Eyes


Katelyn Cole

The day we arrived in Ukraine after we left the plane I was beyond exhausted but I was so thrilled to be here. Everything looked completely different, but familiar all at the same time. There are many things that are different from America. The city of Kiev looks like a city back home but with cars parked on the sidewalk and coffee cars with big espresso machines in the trunks on every corner. Kiev also has lots of those cotton trees so it always looks like it’s snowing on days it isn’t raining because fuzz is floating everywhere. It’s breathtaking to see all the fuzz floating in the sky but you have to be careful not to breath it in. I’ve been here for five days and I’m already in love with Kiev. The people are a quite confident people. In addition, if you ask someone for help they’ll go the extra mile to help you find your way, literally.

Everything is so inexpensive here, too. Like our 20 dollar bill is 500 hrynias and to find someone to break 500 is hard to find. Druzi Cafe, which is conveniently located in our hostel, is by far the best place to get food here that I have tried so far. It’s a hopping place, especially at night. Being from rural Illinois, this city is so different from what I am used to. The culture is so different. Being loud while walking on the street with friends doesn’t happen here. There are also separate places with just sinks in every cafeteria style restaurant. The best thing so far is the coffee. Lattes here are equivalent to about one US dollar, and meals usually cost around four US dollars! I haven’t gotten to shop much, but from what I have seen the shops are really neat. I have been to the grocery store, though! I like going to the grocery store and looking at all the different foods they have. The chocolate here is one hundred times better than in the U.S. Well done, Ukraine! The other day we went to the opera house, and it is stunning! The five tier style, the ceilings and chandeliers were all so awe inspiring. I also love the murals around here. My favorite is the photo inserted. I just love walking around at night and looking over the bridge and seeing all the beautiful lights. It’s been a dream to be here this week.

Kiev is such a great place I am really going to have a hard time saying goodbye.


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